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Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes

About Puraran Beach

Folk legend tells, long ago, this quiet little fishing village was surrounded by sturdy trees called “pura” (Red Lawaan tree). Thus people from neighbouring villages refer to this place as “Kapuraan” meaning “surrounded by Pura Trees”. Later, when Spaniards came it became “Puraran”.

Brief History of Puraran as International Surfing Destination

Situated along the eastern coast of the island province of Catanduanes, Philippines, and facing the Pacific Ocean, Puraran is gifted with natural scenic beauty with its long and white sandy beach, crystal clear water, islets to explore and long, barrelled waves perfect for surfing.

Puraran was a quiet little fishing village until 1984 when Australian surfer Peter Sutton riding on his big motorbike in search of a surf spot came upon this village and discovered “the wave with the perfect barrel”. Looking for a place to stay, he met the family of Mr. Rudy & Cecilia Soria both teachers in the village school and stayed with the family in their little bungalow in front of the school for months, with his Japanese wife Sally.

In 1987, Typhoon Sisang destroyed the first cottages built by the Soria Family. By then, Cecilia’s siblings were now aware of the place’s potential and started showing interest. They persuaded Cecilia to let the Estrada Family use the land she bought from their father to eventually become the site for the Pacific View Beach Resort. Never discouraged, Rudy sought the help of his father Pablo and started building cottages on the beach. It was then the Puting Baybay Beach Resort officially started its existence, simultaneous with the Ja - panese owned Puraran Beach Resort and the Estrada Family-managed Pacific View Beach Resort following 3 years after.

In 1995, Typhoon Rosing again destroyed the structures on Puraran Beach. The Japanese corporation were discouraged and did not rebuild. The Estrada Family-managed Pacific View Beach Resort was dissolved, giving way to the construction of the new site of Cecilia’s Puting Baybay Beach Resort and Elena’s Majestic Beach Resort.

In October 1997, Governor Severo Alcantara sponsored the Inaugural Surfing Competition in Puraran. At that time Puraran’s Majestic Wave was famous to the Surfing world. In 1998 however, the province was once again visited by a super typhoon, the Typhoon Loleng, wiping out every structure on the beach, forcing the resort operators to rebuild from scratch.

And in 2004, after the re-election of Hon. Jose “Bong” Teves, Jr. for his 2nd term as the Town’s Mayor, the second surfing competition was held, institutionalizing the Majestic Surfing Cup to become an annual surfing competition organized by the Municipal Government of Baras in partnership with the Provincial Tourism Office and the Catandungan Festival Committee, with the support of different government agencies and private sectors as sponsors.

The Majestic Surfing Cup has been continually running for the past 8 years as an integral part of the Catandungan Festival, in line with the celebration of the Founding Anniversary of the Province of Catanduanes.

The latest Majestic Surfing Cup was held on October 18-20, 2013. 45 surfers from around the country flocked to Puraran Beach in quest for the awesome prizes and once again establishing Puraran as one of the major surfing sites in the Philippines.

Surf and Music Festival


If you are an advanced or professional surfer visiting in the months of September to October, expect to come out of one of the world’s most perfect barrels. At least ten times.

If you are a beginner to intermediate surfer, take note of the swell season and come in during the summer for easier takeoffs and less intimidating rides.


Here is Puraran’s swell schedule:

March to August: Good for novice, beginners, intermediate, advanced and pro

September to October: Peak season for Majestic waves. Good for advanced and professional surfers only.

November to February: Onshore winds take over. Not advisable for surfing. (Windsurfing can be an option.)

Other surf spots to check out: Rocky Point, Moning Point, and Kuripdas Spot in Virac.

Stoke guaranteed no matter your skill level

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